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Project Update


  • The District is replacing the devices that the students currently have.
  • Students grades 3-12 have access to devices that they can keep at school or take home; 1:1 computer-to-student ratio.
  • Need to replace about 40,000 devices.

We want to hear from students and parents/guardians about your experience with the existing iPads and Chromebooks and what you'd like to see in the future. After watching this video, please complete a short survey.

The parent survey is available in English here:

A Spanish version of the parent survey is available here:

Parent survey in Chinese:

Parent survey in Korean:

Parent survey in Arabic:

Parent survey in Russian:

Parent survey in Somali:

Parent survey in Vietnamese:

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During the early days of the pandemic, our students used their school-issued iPads and Chromebooks for remote learning. 

The replacement cost for these devices is roughly $27.4 million. The bond will fund two rounds of new Chromebooks at the high school level and one round of new Chromebooks and iPads at the elementary and middle school levels over seven years.

The bond also will cover more than $16 million worth of network and infrastructure upgrades, as well as extra devices and parts, to improve district connectivity and cybersecurity preparedness.

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