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2022 Bond Projects


Complete Rebuild

Raleigh Hills Rendering
First page of the PDF file: SitePlan_RHES_220304

Site Plan of rebuilt Raleigh Hills K-8 School

First page of the PDF file: PlansCombined_11x17_RHES_220304

Schematic Floor Plans of rebuilt Raleigh Hills K-8 School


Opening Fall 2026 


Approximately 95,000 sq. ft. 
790 Student Capacity 
Seismic Reinforcement 

Community Earthquake Evacuation Center

Enhanced Security 
30 Classrooms & 11 Additional Teaching Spaces 
90-110 Parking Spaces

Redesigned traffic pattern

Bond 2022 Accessibility Icon
Better accessibility for those experiencing disabilities
Money for Deferred Maintenance icon
Elimination of $12,000,000 in deferred maintenance
Natural Light & Fresh Air
Solar Panels 
Large Venue for School & Community Events 
Safe Playgrounds 

Raleigh Hills K-8 School was evaluated to be the elementary school in the worst condition according to the District's Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA).

Raleigh Hills dates back to 1927, making it the second oldest school in the district. The steam pipes are failing, the roof is in poor condition and the sanitary waste system is not adequate for the size of the school. In addition, much of the building does not meet current seismic standards and is at risk of partial or full collapse in the event of an earthquake.

The new building will address all of those issues. It will also include improved traffic flow, better accessibility for students and staff with disabilities and add improved staff observation of the playground. Rebuilding Raleigh Hills will eliminate about $12 million of deferred maintenance that's currently needed in the school all while maintaining the community-centered rich history of the school. The cost to rebuild the school is estimated at $67 million — $12 million will be rolling over from the 2014 Bond Program and $55 million will be raised from the 2022 Bond.

Rebuild of Raleigh Hills K-8 School

Completed 2014 Bond Projects

To review the projects that were completed at Raleigh Hills K-8 School as part of the 2014-2022 Bond, visit the 2014-2022 Bond webpage