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The bond will fund $120 million worth of deferred maintenance at most schools. Although the District continually addresses maintenance issues as part of its operations budget, there are other projects that are unfunded and uncompleted.

In 2019, a third-party consultant completed a comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment (FCA). The consultant evaluated the physical condition of all district facilities, both interiors and exteriors, and then computed the deferred maintenance cost for each facility. The district's total 10-year deferred maintenance cost was determined to be $610.1 million, which also included seismic improvements.

Deferred maintenance needs include:

  • Upgrades and/or replacements to structural, mechanical and electrical systems, including HVAC upgrades and roof replacements
  • Exterior enclosure improvements
  • Interior finishes improvements
  • Upgrades and/or replacements to commercial equipment
  • Fire and life safety improvements
  • Site improvement work, including adding/replacing sidewalks and repairing drainage

To find a list of projects, visit this webpage and click on your student's school.

Damaged Condenser Coils at Errol Hassell

Damaged Condenser Coils at Errol Hassell Elementary School

corroded pipe

Corroded plumbing at Chehalem Elementary School

Moss Buildup on Roof Montclair

Moss build-up on roof at Montclair Elementary School

Corroded Piping Kinnaman

Corroded Piping at Kinnaman Elementary School

Broken Curbs Jacob   Wismer

Broken curbs at Jacob Wismer Elementary School