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The bond allocates $27 million for security equipment, including additional security cameras at all schools and additional access control systems (security card readers) at all high and option schools. It also will fund water bottle fillers at all schools that don't currently have them.

Funds from the bond will help to continue the District's scheduled replacement program by allowing the replacement of approximately 20 buses per year. The BSD fleet consists of over 300 buses with many approaching 15 years of service. Most of our buses are diesel-powered, and bond money will allow the District to replace them with clean-burning propane or electric buses which will virtually eliminate all particulate emissions and improve air quality for students and the community. Electric buses are rapidly developing, and as districts across the nation continue to adopt them, prices likely will drop. Also, both Oregon and the federal government are adding incentives for districts to purchase electric vehicles, and funds from the bond will uniquely position the District to take advantage of those programs.

Security camera

Security cameras at all schools

school bus

Replacement of aging school buses

Water bottle filler

Water bottle filling stations at all schools