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Oak Hills Elementary School Fence Project FAQ

Why is the District installing a fence at Oak Hills Elementary School?

The fence is being installed to bring the school into alignment with district standards for campus security when students are present during the school day. These standards are based on recommendations from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The fencing will prevent students from leaving school grounds and the public from accessing school grounds during the school day.

Will public access to the campus be blocked permanently?

No. There will be four pedestrian gates which will allow access to school grounds. The gates will be secured by school staff after student arrival. The gates will remain secured during the school day when students are present. The gates will be opened by school staff before student dismissal. The gates will remain open during times when students are not present including weekends and scheduled school breaks.

Has the District considered the recommendations of the Oak Hills Homeowners Association Board?

Yes. The Oak Hills HOA Board submitted its recommendations to the District on July 18, 2023. The recommendations were:

  1. Not to exceed 5-foot fences and gates throughout the project. Please use the minimum necessary height for functionality.

Where there is existing fencing generally along the northern and western property lines, the fence will be five feet in height. The fence will be six feet in height generally along the southern property line where there is currently no fence and where the three-foot, six-inch chain link fence currently exists north of the school.

  1. A black chain link, as listed in the May 24, 2023 BSD Solicitation Addendum No1.

The fence will be a black vinyl-coated chain-link fence.

  1. Maximize the use of property line adjustments to minimize impacts on homeowners whose properties abut the BSD property.

The District is working with property owners where encroachments of private improvements exist on district property.

  1. A commitment from BSD to open gates during non-school hours and on the weekend.

The gates will be open during non-school hours.

  1. Gates:
    1. Install gates with remote automated unlocking capability to ensure the gates can be opened as needed.
    2. Large rolling gates with wide openings to pathways wherever possible to provide ease of use and help prevent injuries. They also provide a welcoming appearance when open.

The District does not currently employ technology for remote control of gates or other security features on its campuses. A 20-foot wide opening will be provided in the fence at the southwestern corner of the school building. This opening will accommodate emergency and service vehicles. The pedestrian gates will be of a size appropriate for safe pedestrian movement. At the southwestern path near NW Perimeter Drive, the gate will be six feet wide.

  1. Provide safer and improved access by widening and updating the walkway to Oak Hills Elementary School from the NW Bethany entrance at NW Perimeter.

District funding cannot be used to construct off-site improvements unless those improvements are required as a condition of approval by a land use-permitting authority.

  1. Use vegetation to minimize visual impact.

The District will not be planting vegetation along the fence. For properties where there is no fence or other barrier between the private property and the new fence, those property owners may plant vegetation on their property to screen the new fence.

Has the District consulted with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)?

Yes. The SHPO correspondence dated July 27, 2023 states; “The installation of the chain link fence will not hinder the overall historic integrity of the school, nor the historic district . . .”  Read the full letter.

Has the District consulted with Washington County?

Yes. The Washington County Department of Land Use and Transportation has stated that the fence will not require a land use or building permit. Further, the county has stated that the installation of the fence is consistent with the Sunset West Community Plan concerning open space.

When will installation of the fence begin?

The contractor hired by the District plans to begin work during the week of August 14.