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HVAC Upgrades
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Door & Hardware Upgrades
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Classroom Walls
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Seismic Upgrades

In the mid-1990s, the District conducted a district-wide assessment of the seismic stability of its schools and subsequently began a targeted seismic upgrade program, generally in conjunction with other related projects such as roof replacements.

Building upon work from previous bonds, this project is scheduled to improve the seismic performance of five schools that remain in need of high-priority seismic upgrades: Beaver Acres Elementary, Cedar Mill Elementary, Cooper Mountain Elementary, Aloha High School and Beaverton High School.

Seismic upgrades generally involve improving structures by installing additional lateral force resistance systems to keep the building from collapsing in an earthquake.

The District is working to leverage additional funding by pursuing grants available through the State of Oregon. 

Budget: $14,544,000
Funding: 2014 Bond/Grant
Schedule: Completed

  • Beaver Acres ES 2020
  • Cedar Mill ES 2019
  • Cooper Mountain ES 2021
  • Aloha HS 2019 - 2020
  • Beaverton HS 2018
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Learning Technology

The 2014 Bond Program provided Chromebooks and iPads for students at all schools and allowed for two rounds of replacements. Students need to be able to access information to work in collaboration with teachers, peers and experts on what and how they learn. Printed textbooks contain static information. Digital content is engaging and efficient, available at any time and steeped in authentic problem solving. Access to high quality, dynamic information for all students will help close the equity gap. These devices have been essential during Comprehensive Distance Learning.

Final Cost: $54,000,000
Schedule: Two rounds of replacements

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District-Wide Interior Classroom Locks

At its June 2019 Business Meeting, the School Board approved a $2-million allocation from the program reserve to fund the Interior Classroom Locks project. The project scope was not originally recognized as part of the 2014 Bond Program's District-Wide Security Upgrades project but became a priority due to the critical need for areas of refuge. 
The Interior Classroom Locks project greatly enhances school security and student safety by replacing all classroom locks across the District with push/turn hardware. The new hardware is easily lockable from inside a room, allowing anyone to quickly secure a room without having to use a key. 
The project is currently ahead of schedule and under budget. Once all the classroom locks are replaced, any remaining budget will be used to secure additional areas of refuge across the District. 

Schedule: 09/2018 - Completed
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District-Wide Security Upgrades


As part of the 2014 Bond, we're making district-wide security retrofits in existing buildings by installing remote entry-door unlatching, keyless entry and visitor-routing controls as determined by a site-by-site needs analysis. We are installing security cameras at all schools and perimeter fencing at high schools.

Schedule: 08/2015 - Completed

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District-Wide Unified Communication System

This large project began in the summer of 2015 and affected every building in the District.  The new system greatly improves communication and safety with a built-in emergency notification application. 

The application notifies key personnel of any security or safety concerns with the touch of a button. Color-coded alerts can be sent to individuals or an entire building, both over the intercom and through pop-up alerts on workstations. If a 911 call is made from a particular classroom, emergency responders are automatically able to see where the call was placed.

In addition, this project includes adding infrastructure to support outlets and data racks in all classrooms, including portables.

Final Cost: $5,282,000
Schedule: 03/2014 - 09/2017

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