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Thank you, Beaverton voters for passing the 2022 Bond!

We appreciate your support and investment in the Beaverton School District.


Overview: What's in the bond?


What Will the Bond Do?

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* Includes Management ($50,000,000), Contingency ($43,000,000) and Oregon State Capital Improvement Matching (OSCIM) Program (-$8,000,000)

what bond projects will be completed
At each school?

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how much are my taxes estimated to go up?

The current tax rate is $2.09 per $1,000 of assessed property value. The 2022 bond will increase the current tax rate by an estimated $0.25 per $1,000 of assessed property value. For a homeowner with an average assessed property value of $303,021, that's an increase of about $76 during the first year.


To compute your estimated tax increase for the first year: Your Assessed Property Value ÷ 1000 × .25 = Estimated Tax Increase

To compute your estimated tax total for the first year: Your Assessed Property Value ÷ 1000 × 2.34 = Estimated Tax Total

Average Market Property Value Average Assessed Property Value1 Current Tax Rate Current Estimated Tax Proposed Tax Rate Increase Estimated Tax Increase2 Proposed Tax Rate Estimated Tax Total
$511,6843 $303,0213 $2.09 $633 $.25 $76 $2.34 $709

1 Know that the assessed value of your property is often significantly less than the market value of your property. The assessed value of your property may also increase. 

2 The table is only estimating the Year 1 total of the tax increase. Due to Measure 50, most homeowners will experience a minimum 3% annual tax increase, regardless of the proposed bond or fluctuations in market values.

3 Beaverton School District Average Market and Average Assessed Property Value for 2021-22 based on Washington Co. Dept. of Assessment & Taxation data.

To find your current assessed value, look at your Real Property Tax Statement.



Seismic Upgrades






Beaverton High School Rebuild



Raleigh Hills Elementary School Rebuild



Overview: What Will the 2022 Bond Do?